Module: alfresco/layout/UploadContainer


Extends the VerticalWidgets to mixin in the _AlfDndDocumentUploadMixin on order to provide a simple way the user can drag-and-drop a file anywhere within the browser view port to upload to the current displayed location. This relies on the current location being defined by a widget such as the AlfDocumentList also being present in the page that will set the current location to upload to. It also relies on the UploadService being present on the page to process the upload requests.

If the widget is not intended to be used to contain all the widgets on the page then fullScreenDndHighlight can be configured to be false and the drag-and-drop upload highlight will only be applied to the area containing the child widgets. Alternatively a proxyDragAndDropNode selector query can be provided to place the overlay over another node on the screen. This can be provided either as a string or as an array of strings and the first visible element found will be used.

  • 1.0.42
  • Dave Draper


fullScreenDndHighlight :boolean

This indicates whether or not the drag-and-drop highlight should fully consume the browser view port. This can be overridden if this layout widget does not occupy the entire page.
  • boolean
Default Value:
  • true

proxyDragAndDropNode :string|Array.<string>

This can be set to a CSS selector or an array of css selectors to find another element in the DOM on which to apply the overlay node. The use-case for this attribute is to allow the user to drop a file anywhere on the page but for the overlay to be applied to a document list. Note that the CSS selector query will highlight the first visible item found, so if it is an array it will be the first visible item or if any selector produces mroe than one result it will be the first found.
  • string | Array.<string>
Default Value:
  • null





If a proxyDragAndDropNode selectory query has been provided that yields a single result then the overlay node will be placed directly over that target.

If fullScreenDndHighlight is configured to be false then the drag-and-drop upload highlight is fixed to fill the browser view port.

If neither a proxyDragAndDropNode is provided or fullScreenDndHighlight is configured to be false then the default overlay dimensions will be .

Name Type Argument Description
targetNode object <optional>
An optional node to use instead of the dragAndDropNode
  • 1.0.56