Module: alfresco/menus/AlfFormDialogMenuItem


This should be used in a drop-down menu, cascade or group as a quick method of displaying a dialog containing a form. The dialog title and labels for the confirmation and cancel buttons but be configured along with all the form controls that should be displayed in the dialog.

This module mixes the _AlfCreateFormDialogMixin into the AlfMenuItem. The source for this module is completely empty because all of the work is actually done by the two mixed modules.

Sample configuration:

  name: "alfresco/menus/AlfFormDialogMenuItem",
    config: {
       id: "MyFormDialogMenuItem",
       label: "Create Form Dialog",
       dialogTitle: "My Dialog",
       dialogConfirmationButtonTitle : "Post",
       dialogCancellationButtonTitle : "Close",
       formSubmissionTopic: "FORM_SUBMIT",
       widgets: [
             name: "alfresco/forms/controls/DojoValidationTextBox",
             config: {
                name: "post_param",
                label: "Enter text",
                value: ""

  • Dave Draper


  • alfresco/menus/AlfMenuItem